Empowering poor girls with education and training


Ashraya believes in encouraging and rewarding girls to continue their education with scholarships.  Scholarships are awarded to poor girls to help them pursue education in science, mathematics, commerce, information technology and related fields that offer the best opportunities for future employment. Three types of scholarships are currently offered:

  1. Undergraduate education in accredited institutions leading to 3-year BA/BSc degree.
  2. Vocational training of short or medium-term duration leading to certificates or degrees.
  3. Post-graduate education in accredited institutions leading to a 2-year MA/MSc degree in mathematics, sciences, information technology, and related fields. These scholarships, named as Bruck Family Scholarship, are funded by our board member Kyle Bruck.

Scholarship aid for post-secondary education and vocational training currently varies from Rs. 10,000 to 20,000 per annum, and for post-secondary education and vocational training and from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 per annum. The amount is determined by Ashraya taking into consideration total financing need, potential support by others and individual contribution by the beneficiary.

Scholarship eligibility

Any girl who has successfully completed high school (Bachelors degree for Bruck Family post-graduate scholarships) who has limited family means is eligible for Ashraya scholarships. Teachers and principals of schools, colleges and vocational training institutions serving poor girls are encouraged to refer needy and deserving students for scholarship aid.

All of the above-mentioned scholarships are available to girls who are studying, or have completed their basic education, in a government or charitable school. This restriction is designed to ensure that the scholarship aid reaches the most needy girls.

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Stories of Ashraya scholarship recipients...

Mamta.Mamta graduated from Govt. Girls Secondary School, Adarsh Nagar in 2007, receiving 74% marks and 2nd position in the Punjab Board. Her father was a casual day laborer. Ashraya provided her a scholarship to study BSc Economics at the HMV College, Jalandhar. In her first year college exam, she topped the entire university. HMV College subsequntly gave her full financial support. Mamta has since gone on to obtain a MA in Economics and is now a college lecturer.

Manisha.Manisha Kohli came from a family of modest means. She was in the final year of her BA in Computer Administration when her father became seriously ill. The family suddenly had no source of income and she faced the prospect of having to drop out from her studies. An Ashraya scholarship helped her complete her degree. Manisha is now gainfully employed and supporting the education of her younger sister.